A Real Estate Leader with a Long History in the Auction business


Sunnyside Realty has been owned and operated by the Parsons family for more than 45 years.  The same Parsons family who have conducted successful professional on site agricultural, commercial and real estate auction sales for 65 plus years under the name PARSONS AUCTIONS LTD.


Why Should I Sell my Real Estate by Auction?

Seller Benefits ... The seller sets the terms and conditions of sale, including exactly when the property will sell.  The land is sold without contingencies.  Plus, there’s no limit to the top selling price - which often exceeds that of negotiated sales in the same area.  A quick sale helps eliminate carrying costs allowing sellers to get on with their lives.


Market Impacts ... An auction freezes the market as potential purchasers wait for the auction before buying a similar property.

The auction creates buyer urgency - The property won’t be up for sale tomorrow!  Local buyers compete with outside buyers - no one is left out.


With our unmatched combination of Real Estate knowledge and Auction experience you can be assured quick and successful results.


Give Charles or Jeff a call. 

We will be happy to explain the process and answer any questions you may have.